Sunday, March 08, 2015

Fun Onna Sunday Afternoon

Et some breakfast, and off to a big model railroading show. I just wish we had room somewhere in TEH CONDOH to put a railroad empire! I think I inherited grandpappy's love of all things TRAIN. We'd set up the Lionel stuff on visits to the grandparents and I had a Lionel empire for a while in Jr. High. Guess now we'll just have to ride the RTD light rail and the Californy Zephyr.

Here's our great Sunday in pictures!

 From outhouses precariously perched over a precipice, to autumn trees, waterfalls, narrow canyons, and factories, a big crowd which included a lot of kids really enjoyed the model RR empires and the tons of stuff for sale.

 After the model RR stuff, we tooks a Sunday Drive along the Peak To Peak Hwy just west o' DenBRRRRRR. Cool, crisp, thin air and vistas everywhere. The weather is warming, so we'll probably park the Windy at the state park this coming week.

Finished up the day watching Navigator of the Seas leaving Galveston on the live streaming webcam. Looks rainy theah.

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