Sunday, August 09, 2015

A Sunday Drive To Colorady Springs

We heard about a teensy home confab at a mining museum, so we decided to visit. I was curious to see what is better about teensy homes over RVs. Well, they are built better than RVs, but they cost a lot more than comparably-sized travel trailers. They are more expensive per square foot than mobile homes, for instance, we've priced 800 sq. ft. double wides at $45,000, and many of these teensy homes cost $60,000 and up, but they are cheaper than motorhomes!

The mining museum is set on rolling terrain east of teh mountains. Lots of wild flowers are growing right now.

Lots of peeps lined up to see the little things. This particular teensy home was built in 1999.

This is the partially-finished interior of a place made out of a retired shipping container.

 There's room for plenty of storage and living, depending upon how you finish this 'un.

There are many different styles of teensy homes, most of 'em built on trailers for easy transport.

This is the outside of that shipping container home shown earlier. You can paint it any way you want it, including graffiti!

Oh looky, a teensy church.

Alternative energy is big with folks who build teensy homes for off the grid living.

After looking at the display, it was a hike back up the hill...

A quick visit to a nearby Bass Pro Shop.

Lots of peeps driving back to Denver.

It was a beautiful day, not too hot with plenty of sunshine.

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