Friday, September 18, 2015

A Visit To Durango, CO

We just took a brief visit to Durango to check out S/W Colorady and get some ideas for a longer RV visit. What a nice part of the state! The scenery was worth the 992 miles driven.

 Fall colors along Hwy. 285, south of Denver.

 3 or 4 stops along the way for fixing up the roads. Winter is tough on Colorady roads.

 Colorady has lots of local brews.

 Mesa Verde National Park.

 Whatta cuuuuute little thing!

 Quite a variety of plants.

 Vistas along the road in the park.

 There have been fires in the past,  and many of the trees still stand.

 This path used to be a road, traveled by jalopies!

 This sign describes the precarious drive in days gone by.

 The drive thru the park today is much safer than it used to be!

 Several archeological sites are visible in the park, showing how the Anasazi people lived centuries ago.

 Scenery overload!

 Cliff dwellings in the park.

 Had some deelish food. Unfortunately, something in this meal made me sicker 'n a dawg.

 Gotta have that morning coffee!

 Scenery on the way to Silverton.

 There's Silverton, down theah.

 Teh Tribby is happy in the mountains.

 Downtown Silverton. They've kept the dirt roads, probably for the tourists.

 2 steam trains make round trips between Silverton and Durango daily.

 I love this ranch!

 That's Durango down theah.

Another tourist train. Former passenger cars and commuter cars from around the nation.

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