Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Autumnumnumn Leaves, September, 2017. Estes Park, RMNP, Hwy. 7, and the Peak To Peak Hwy.

The leaves are great this year, mostly Aspens, which get yellow, with occasional reds. Lots of colorful ground cover, too.

 Boulder in the distance.

 Fine dining in Estes Park!


 High country critters.

 Estes Park is down theah in the upper right of this picture.

 The view up heah.

 No runnin' water allowed. Lines weren't too long.

 Peeps wandering up heah.

 Rocks 'n trees.

 Elk were staying away from folks today. Now, if folks would just stay away from elk.

 Checked into a nice hotel on a lake in Estes Park for the night. Not many rooms available  by the time I reserved. There be local brews heah!

 We walked a trail around this nice lake, which is a part of the RMNP.

 A typical Colorady road.

 Peeps enjoyed lots of Autumnumnumn color along the Peak To Peak hwy.

At the end of the drive, there's Denver in the distance. It only takes a few minutes to drive into the 'tains from our place in the city. Outstanding!

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