Saturday, July 09, 2016

Mount'ns and Deserts

Early summer, time for some mount'ns and desert!

First stop, a couple nites in Colorady Springs.

The quats are happy!

Campin' along the Arkansas River, near Cotopaxi, Colorady.

Next up, Durango!

Morning along the Animas River.

A warm spring near the campground.

Shiprock, just across the border in New Mexico, located on Navaho lands.

Mount'n vistas outside of Silverton.

That's Silverton down theah.

A saloon 'n eatery.

No gender issues in Colorady bathrooms.

Modren Colorady transportation!

I wouldn't mind making this mine mine!

Campin' in far northeast Azirona.

Someone's fixing up a classic GMC motoryhome.

Crazy shops, tee pees, olde cars 'n trucks, 'n critters along olde Route 66.

The colorful desert.

Petrified Forest National Park.

Yep. It do rain in the desert southwest.

And it rains in Colorady.

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