Thursday, August 11, 2016

Quick Trip To Indiana To Honor Uncle Jack

 Off we go, an early mornin' start.

 But firstest, some Starbucks coffee.

 Sometime we gots to check out this museum near Kearney, NE.

 Nebraska cornfield.

 Somebody openeded up the faucets in Dee Moineses!


 The relatives. It's been years. Some of 'em I got to meet for the first time, at least as adults!

 Kendallville, IN has a beautiful park on a lake. My home town. A great town to bicycle in.

 The funeral procession stopped by Jack's home for one last time.

 Jack 'n Eleanor's home has some fine woods out back.

 Smile! It was great to see the folks.

 A final look at Kendallville as we headed back home.

A tourist train in South Milford, IN.

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