Wednesday, October 05, 2016

LEAF PEEPIN' Part Two, Mt. Evans Area, Dillon, Guanella Pass

 Hittin' the road for a trip to the High Country!

 Still some yeller leaves.

 Echo Lake near Mt. Evans.

 The Huge Dillon Reservoir, not too far south of Breckenridge.

 A beauty shot of our rental car, a low mileage 2016 Ferd Taurus Limited.

 Day two, looking down on Georgetown, CO. as we started puttin' on the Guanella Pass  Scenic Byway.

 Mountainous goats!

 Just above the treeline, where the air is rair, er, rare.

 Love the sounds of babbling cricks.

Some of the rocks that make up the Rocky Mountains.

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