Tuesday, November 15, 2016


We needed to get our minds off of the recent political season, so off we went for a couple days in the playground of the wealthy, Vail Colorady. Right now, before the snew comes, many condohs have discounted rates. That won't last long!

There's a nifty visitor center in Georgetown.

Comfy digs at The Antlers at Vail. You can buy a one bedroom condoh like this 'un for over $800,000. I couldn't.

 The view of the ski area and Vail Creek outside teh condoh.

 A really deelish margarita with some jalapeno in it.

 Not many folks out and about on a quiet, pre-season Sunday evening.

 You would have enjoyed this desert.

 Sunset and the sooper moon.

 A lovely morning!

 The Clinton Gulch reservoir. Sigh, you had to remind us...

 There's scattered pockets of snew in the shade. More to come.

 The view out the winder at a restaurant in Leadville.

The location of the former Camp Hale, located between Leadville and Red Cliff, home of the 10th Mountain Division. They built  thousands of buildings here so the Division could train in a mountain setting. The 10th  Mountain Division suffered 992 deaths fighting in WWII. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Camp_Hale

 Back behind that bridge is the small, olde mining town of Red Cliff.

An olde abandoned mine. Mines, both working and abandoned, are scattered throughout Colorady.

 Sooper moon returned Monday eve.

 Dillon reservoir, along I-70. This is a water source for Denver.

 Brewin' the beer in Idaho Springs.

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