Wednesday, May 29, 2013

MAYcation 2013, I

We were getting a little fidgetty sitting around all day, so we decided to take most of the month of May and travel the West. So, on May 6, off we went. Here is a pictoral history of our fine MAYcation.

I parked the Windy at a nearby State Park to load 'er up, but the battery went ded whilst towing the Tribby. "Oops."

SHE™ and I loaded up with provisions.

Then I drove to a shop to get Windy an oil change. Um, the mechanic never showed up. 

WTF is this???

Wide open view from our Montana camp site.

We escaped from thunderbooms to our south.

Camping season had not yet started, so the Windy was feeling lonely. Well, that is, if an RV could feel emotions and stuff...

Whut 'chu lookin' at?

Beautiful sunsets!

We visited the Little Big Horn Battlefield where Gen. Armstrong Custer's troops were defeated by warriors led by, among others, Chief Crazy Horse and Chief Sitting Bull. This is a National Cemetery at the battlefield.

Markers are placed throughout the area showing where men fell in battle.

This is the site of General Custer's last stand, where the final living soldiers met their end in battle.
One of the first battles at Little Big Horn was at this location, where thousands of Indians from various tribes had set up a village. The cavalry attack failed, and this led to the resolve of the tribes to defeat the soldiers in one last attempt to save their way of life, which was to forage on the open range, as opposed to being sent to small reservations.

Remains of an unknown solder from the battle at Little Big Horn were found in the 1920's and rest here. Also, many years ago, a hatchet was buried here, signifying a symbolic end to warfare between the American Indian tribes and white settlers.

Today, the land of the Little Big Horn River is peaceful, and folks come here to remember and to try to learn from history. Nobody who fought in that battle ultimately was a victor. The Cavalry soldiers lost their lives and the Indian warriors lost their land. It's a sad story, really.

Meanwhile, horses cavorted outside the campground, which is on a working ranch.

Beastie sez if yer ever in southern Montana, stay for a spell at the 7 Ranch RV Park. As for me, I never seen so many stars as in that Montana sky!

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