Wednesday, May 29, 2013

MAYcation 2013, V

We were getting a little fidgetty sitting around all day, so we decided to take most of the month of May and travel the West. So, on May 6, off we went. Here is a pictoral history of our fine MAYcation.

On to Portlandia!

Firstly, a fine Margarity. SHE™ hadda nice Bloody Mary.

Prime Rib!

Pacific Sammon!

A very pleasant RV park on Hayden Island, in Portlandia.,_Portland,_Oregon

Eatin' at Joe's Crabbe Shack on the Columbia River in Vancouver, Washington, right across the river from Portlandia.

Bridge to Portlandia.

Interesting facts about Oregon. There is no state sales tax. And, you cannot pump yer own gas. 

We visited the Japanese Gardens in Portlandia and found inner peace, calm, and stuff.

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