Wednesday, May 29, 2013

MAYcation 2013, IV

We were getting a little fidgetty sitting around all day, so we decided to take most of the month of May and travel the West. So, on May 6, off we went. Here is a pictoral history of our fine MAYcation.

Seattle is all about Boeing. So we paid a visit to Boeing Field, which has a fine flight museum and which was the location of the original Boeing aircraft manufacturing plant. Great displays mean you will spend a lot of time being wowed by the history of flight!

Oh, looky! They flew in a Concorde. I thought these things were out of commish. I've always wanted to fly on one a these. Now's my chance!

I followed SHE™ inside the door. DUCK! Low clearance...

Wow. We're the first to board! It's all first class. And really small compared to most airliners. I understand that when this bird was flown from Noo York to Seattle, it set a record for fastest flight between the two cities. I'ma looking forward to this flight! But where are the other passengers?

Hay, where's the crew? Who's flying this thing?

Nope. Nobody here, neither.

Nobody nowhere. Wait, what? This thing don't fly no more? There's nothing Supersonic in Seattle no more since the basketball team left for Oklahoma City? Oh well phooey. 

It's the original 737. Quite a shorty. Was used last as a test bed for new avionics. Now like me, comfy and retired.

OMG! It's Air Force One! I didn't know O'Bama was in town! And they're letting us on board! I gotta few opinions to share with him. Wonder where we're flying to today?

Boy, they sure don't want us to get the seats durdy.

Where's O'Bama? He ain't at his desk.

Nobody in the office...

Sure is an old fashioned phone for the Prez...

Nope. O'Bama isn't in the loo.

Wonder if this thing picks up a jazz station?

Hay, no crew?? Again?? Hmm. I'ma soo embarrassed. This is a retired AF-1 what was used by former Prezzies like Reagan. So no O'Bama today.

This is a loo used on the space shuttle. Lotta potential jokes about that suction hose thingy. 

A fine retired warbird on display.

One must keep the dishes clean while camping.

Oh, be sure to keep the cats fed, so you don't get plaintive meows and whiny looks.

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