Wednesday, May 29, 2013

MAYcation 2013, III

We were getting a little fidgetty sitting around all day, so we decided to take most of the month of May and travel the West. So, on May 6, off we went. Here is a pictoral history of our fine MAYcation.

Off for a drive to Mt. Rainier National Park in Washington. We found this cute liddle hotel on the way.

Dense forests with lots of redwood trees.

Trees 'n mountains everywhere.

Snow melt feeds numerous waterfalls.

I mentioned trees and mountains, right?

Mt. Rainier. It looks taller than mountains in Colorady, because you look at it from lower altitude than in 'rady. Clouds frequently block the summit from view.

There's a road down theah.

Lots of snew up high. In fact, there are several glaciers that never disappear.

"ya can't visit Seattle without stopping by the market downtown.

After looking at all the fresh fish, I hadda have a clam poboy 'n weeds on the side.

After eating, back to hiking the market. Flowers, fish, 'n other doodads were on display by eager merchants.

Of course, we hadda stop by the original, firstus-in-the-nation Starbucks.

Deelish fishies, freshly caught.

The Seattle skyline.

Peugeot Sound is right theah.

Seattle's needle thing was built just a few years before the one in San Antone. Nobody seems to want to host world fairs no more. Too bad.

Many peeps love to travel by faerie.

A happy Washington boid.

Up close...

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