Wednesday, May 29, 2013

MAYcation 2013, VI

We were getting a little fidgetty sitting around all day, so we decided to take most of the month of May and travel the West. So, on May 6, off we went. Here is a pictoral history of our fine MAYcation.

While in Portlandia, you must visit the coast. Oregon's Pacific coast can be very moody this time a year.

Our travels then took us to Pendleton, Oregon, as we wound our way eastwards back towards home. Eastern Oregon is dryer than the west, altho' you couldn't tell that during our rainy visit. Lots of farmland surrounded our campsite.

I-84 along the Columbia River, east of Portlandia.

Drive the Windy down theah? Um, OK, no problem...

Yup, it was rainy.

In the rainy distance, a nice Indian-run casino. Nice buffet there.

Boid, posing.

A yellow school?!

Country livin', eastern Oregon style.

A dust devil.

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